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Ontario’s New State Decreed Morality – Homosexuality PDF Print E-mail
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Monday, 27 February 2012 22:27

By Charles McVety, President, Canada Christian College

Is supporting homosexuality “a value that transcends every faith and every tradition and every culture,”?  According to Premier Dalton McGuinty it is and must be enforced with the power of legislation.

On December 12th Mr. McGuinty visited Dr. G.W. Williams Secondary School in Aurora.  After meeting with the Gay Straight Alliance he held a press conference and answered a few questions from the media.  In reply to an unrelated question he declared “I think we’re talking about something here by way of a value that transcends every faith and every tradition and every culture”.

When a state leader decrees a “value” to supersede all other values he sounds totalitarian.  In a free and democratic society values stem from the people to the state, not the state to the people.  Ontarians have not been clamouring for a new law that would override the separation of church and state, with the state dictating to Catholic Schools that they must teach a radical pro-gay sex education program and support clubs that promote homosexuality.   Ontarians have not been asking the state to force Churches renting public school facilities to follow this provincial doctrine.  This new “value” comes directly from the Premier.

Recently Ontario’s Premier Dalton McGuinty seized the opportunity to write his radical six gender sex education in the new ant-bullying law. Everyone agrees that bullying is a serious threat to children and must be combated with strong, stiff programs and penalties.  Victims must be loved, cared for and respected. Children’s lives depend on it. Unfortunately the Premier is using everyone’s good will to advance his agenda.

The Anti-bullying Bill 13 uses the force of law to make teachers in both Public and Catholic to:

·        Teach Radical Six Gender Curriculum - Equity and Inclusive Education

Bill 13 Section 2.  (1)  Paragraph 29.1 of subsection 8 (1) of the Act is repealed and the following substituted: equity and inclusive education

29.1 require boards to develop and implement an equity and inclusive education policy, and, if required by the Minister, submit the policy to the Minister and implement changes to the policy as directed by the Minister;

·        Support Homosexual Clubs in all Public and Catholic Schools

Bill 13 Section 9.  Board support for certain pupil activities and organizations

303.1  Every board shall support pupils who want to establish and lead,

(a)  activities or organizations that promote gender equity;

(b)  activities or organizations that promote anti-racism;

(c)  activities or organizations that promote the awareness and understanding of, and respect for, people with disabilities; or

(d)  activities or organizations that promote the awareness and understanding of, and respect for, people of all sexual orientations and gender identities, including organizations with the name gay-straight alliance or another name.

·        Force Churches Renting School Property to Follow Province’s Radical Agenda.

Bill 13 Section 7 (2)  Agreements with third parties re use of schools

(3.1)  If a board enters into an agreement with another person or entity, other than a board, respecting the use of a school operated by the board, the board shall include in the agreement a requirement that the person or entity follow standards that are consistent with the code of conduct.

It is egregious to impose, with the force of law, this bizarre social engineering experiment on Ontario’s children under the pretence of protecting children from bullying. There is no proof that forcing all schools, Public and Catholic, to teach this material and host gay clubs will stop bullying. This guise doesn’t hold water with standard pedagogical practices. Our schools don’t have to teach the intricacies of every element of difference to combat bullying. Teachers don’t need a 219 page curriculum guide extolling the virtues of being short, overweight, Christian, Jewish, Muslim or any other identifying factor. They simply need to combat bullying.

Last year, parents voiced their concern over this same material. The Premier promised to withdraw the program. Instead the Ministry of Education transferred the teaching to another department Equity and Inclusive Education. The Ministry admonishes teachers "to address controversial issues" even in the face of "negative parent response". Teachers are further warned if they omit any of the curriculum then they will be guilty of "foster(ing) a poisoned environment". The fact that they include such a statement means that the Ministry knows that parents are upset but just don't care. Would you teach your eight-year-old child, six genders and to question his or her gender?

If not then your home is a "poisoned environment" according to the reasoning of this Equity and Inclusive program. If McGuinty is successful at sneaking this program into the anti-bullying legislation teachers will be forced to "read some traditional folk tales and fairy tales with the class. Have students write/illustrate their own "gender-bending" versions." After opposite sex role-play the children must read the textbooks, Are You A Boy or a Girl, William's Doll, or Doing It Right (covering topics such as anal sex and masturbation).

Your child will then be forced to "Read Gloria Goes to Gay Pride and "Search images of Pride Week". I warn you not to do so. Your child will find numerous pictures of full scale nudity and people performing mock sex acts on the street. The little children are then ordered to "make posters for the TDSB float and/or school bus that are in the Pride Parade. Additionally, students could have their own Pride Parade in their school."

What does any of this have to do with bullying?

As parents we trust our children in the hands of Ontario's Premier. We expect him to care for our children as they would care for their own. This trust has been betrayed.

Freedom for parents to raise their children within the confines of the law is a foundational Canadian value. In this Orwellian age, the State has become a "bully", so hostile to parents that it will present in-your-face sexually explicit topics and material to our children and expect us to just accept it.

If you dare to voice dissent they will attack you with ad hominem slurs, portray you as a supporter of bullying and slander your name.   Are they not prime examples of school yard bullies who resort to name calling when they are losing an argument?

Link to Bill 13
Link to Equity and Inclusive Curriculum 

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