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A modern dark ages blight PDF Print E-mail
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Tuesday, 21 February 2012 19:40

After the largest “child porn” bust in Ontario history led to 60 arrests on February 02, police announced that 22 victims were identified and rescued. More arrests are expected as more victims emerge.

Police also said they know of at least 8800 computers of child pornographers online accessing and distributing pictures of children being violated. Police announced they are increasingly encountering live web-cam streaming of real-time sex abuse of infants and children.

Based on Canadian studies that suggest 19 out of 20 cases of child sexual abuse go undetected, the potential number of victims of these horrific crimes is frightening.

What does this say about Canadian society?

Since ancient history children have been viewed as products or objects in many cultures.  Historically many cultures abused children – sexually, physically and for labor. Why? One prevalent reason is children are vulnerable because they are powerless. One author said of some ancient cultures which have disappeared “Because boys and girls were on the receiving end of sexual activity, they were very often treated interchangeably as [simple] objects of [male] desire." Those cultures may be history but the notion of dominance over children by sex predators is on the rise in many parts of the world. Canada is one of them.
Why is Canada so lax about protecting children in our law and courts? I propose that 50 years of liberal mentality and liberal logic has set us back to the uncivilized attitudes of ancient cultures that treated children as objects for sexual perversion. Rejection of moral standards and self-control always result in undesirable behavior. Some people pride themselves in “progressive” thinking. Humanism and secularism has led to pervasive selfishness not self control that is reflected in abortion, abandonment, and sexual abuse of children.

A growing segment of our population appears to have an attitude they can do what they wish with children and escape cultural sanction and legal consequences. Many pedophiles are organized to communicate with each other – even to “train” others on how to lure and entice children, threaten them into silence, and avoid detection by police.

Perverted attitudes towards children are becoming more prevalent in academia too. Recently some high-profile academics insisted that pedophilia is just another sexual orientation, like homosexuality and heterosexuality. Pedophiles, with the help of so-called “mental health professionals”, are lobbying to change the DSM (American Psychiatric Association’s “bible: of mental illnesses) to remove the link between pedophilia and criminality. Some are lobbying to have the law allow sex with children as young as 8. And some are calling for legalized inter-generational sex.

Just this past summer, a pro-pedophilia conference in Baltimore convened for the purpose of presenting ideas and strategies for normalizing pedophilia. Consider this sick comment made by a speaker at the conference: “.. one needs not get the consent of a child to have sex with it…” With it! That is the perverted attitude towards children seen in uncivilized ancient cultures.

“Child porn” is criminal, not “a sexual preference.” The Internet makes it easy for sexual perverts to lurk at their computers and perform perverse criminal acts in secret.

The good news is that Canadian police have developed very effective software for tracking these sex predators through their IP addresses, sometimes in real time. If you’re a pervert you may get a visit soon. Police are to be commended for their efforts and dedication to protecting children and finding the sex criminals.

The bad news is that most judges are not as passionate about ensuring child victims get justice. Many child porn and sex crimes allow for a maximum sentences of 10 or more years. Why is it, then, that Canadian judges never impose maximums, or even close to them?

Our justice system and criminal code show little regard for innocent children victimized by such vile assaults such as rape, sodomy even bondage.

What can YOU do about this epidemic crime?

Canada Family Action (CFA) has long dedicated itself to child protection. Eight years ago we asked for changes to the “age of consent law” which allowed adult sex predators to defend themselves if they had sex with a 14-year-old child. Our 7 year effort culminated in a new law by the Conservative government increasing the legal age of consent to 16. 

In 2009, CFA launched our Child Safe Nation campaign (ChildSafeNation.ca), mobilizing Canadians to support our efforts to lobby the government for changes to the criminal code section 163.1 to protect children from internet sex crimes. As a result of hearing from hundreds of thousands of Canadians, the government introduced new legislation (Bill C-10) which was passed by Parliament in December 2011, and at the time of writing this Bill is awaiting passage by the Senate.

Unfortunately, those charged in the February sting will not be subject to the tougher mandatory sentences included in the new legislation.

What can you do to help protect children?

Ask Senators to quickly pass Bill C-10 to protect our children
Support our new website (to be launched in March) which is part of the next phase of our efforts to protect children.

FindAPedophile.com will have two objectives. First, it will educate the public with information such as tips for parents on protecting their children, warning signs that a child may be a victim and how and where to report your concerns. The police often state their need for the public to be aware and engaged in helping.

The second objective of FindAPedophile.com is somewhat more controversial, and will post information about CONVICTED pedophiles. This will include names, possibly pictures, and other pertinent information such as the place and type of crime committed.

Canada’s 2004 National Sex Offender registry has been less than effective in even registering pedophiles. Plus that registry provides NO access to the public. 

Evidence shows that most sex offenders when released back into the community go right back to abusing children. The power of a pedophile is in maintaining secrecy. Ending the secrecy will help protect children.  Since we  announced the new website February 3, CFA has received widespread support and offers to help from the Canadian public. If you want to help call 403-295-2159.

As Chuck Colson said, “The most important thing we can do today in obedience to Christ is to break the spiral of silence that is pervasive in our culture. The way movements start is when people finally realize that in a free society they have to be able to speak out. They can’t be cowed into silence.” Silence aids pedophiles’ secrecy.

Visit FindAPedophile.com early March. Be an informed and responsibly active citizen.


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